Follow the links and answer the following questions on your paper concerning the Holocaust in preparation for the novel Night.

Go to The History Place website at Nazi Party is Formed - 1920 and find the answer to the following question.
1. What does Nazi stand for? (Make sure you are giving me the answer in English)

Go to The History Place website at Hitler Named Leader of Nazi Party - July 1921 to answer question

2. How did Adolf Hitler become the leader of the Nazi party?

This site will help in answering the question about the Gestapo, Hermann Göring.

3. What was the Gestapo? Who was Herman Goring? What did Goring have to do with the Gestapo?

Read through the following site to answer the questions regarding Hindenburg at Hitler becomes Führer.

4. What did Hindenburg, the Fuehrer of Germany prior to Hitler, put in his will before his death? Were these wishes followed? Why or why not?

Look at the following website to answer question 5 about the Nuremberg Race Laws at

5. What did the Nuremberg Race Laws deprive the German Jews from?

Go to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust at to answer question 6.

6. What was a Nazi ghetto? What were the living conditions like in these ghettos?

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust at will help answer the following question.

7. There were many concentration camps during Hitler’s reign. Give the death count for the following concentration camps: Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibór, Chelmno, and Lublin (also called Majdanek, and Auschwitz.
Also, give the total number of deaths for Jews and non-Jews during the Holocaust.

Find out more about the Resistance at .

8. Name and describe 3 examples of Resistance against the Nazi party.

Use the following website to answer questions 9 and 10 dealing with the Aftermath of the War at

9. What happened at the Nuremberg trials? Why were these trials important?

10. When the war was over, German citizens who lived near concentration camps during the war were made to do what? Do you think this was a good idea? Why or why not?
(Hint- this answer is before the answer to #9).